Dakota Adventist Academy

Bismarck | ND

The whole point of school is to learn the facts, skills and methods that will help you lead a happy and successful life. Sure, we work in a lot of fun activities, field trips, educational events and other special perks. But the heart of Dakota Adventist Academy is a commitment to good education, and we're always getting our eyes, ears, heads and hands into something new.

Our students benefit from small class sizes and unique learning opportunities. Along with the traditional reading, writing and arithmetic, DAA also offers comprehensive religion classes, college-level computer courses, vocational classes, challenging art and music classes, and independent study options.

Are you passionate about academics and focused on higher learning options?  DAA works with many colleges and universities to make dual-credit and college credit courses an option for students.  We also work with our state's online education system to enhance our learning program and offer even more exciting classes.

Our smart and dedicated staff are masters at coming up with fresh ways to teach. They make learning fun and memorable for students who have a wide variety of interests, skills and backgrounds. What can you get into here? Try participating in the national Poetry Out Loud program, touring with the select choir or bell choir, dissections and gene experiments in science, building a tiny house in Construction II, visiting local historical sites and museums that bring the past to life, and more.

We've got something special waiting for you at Dakota Adventist Academy.