Dakota Adventist Academy

Bismarck | ND
College is an important stepping stone on your path to success.  Studies show that students who achieve a bachelor's degree or higher on average have higher earnings and have lower unemployment rates than students who never complete high school and students who complete high school as their highest level of education.  College is becoming increasingly important to career success.  
As a Seventh-day Adventist school, we work hard to support our student's desires to continue in Adventist post-secondary education.  

Here are links to the Adventist schools in North America:
Adventist University of Health Sciences (Florida Hospital's University) - http://www.adu.edu
Andrews University - https://www.andrews.edu
Atlantic Union College - https://www.auc.edu/ICS/
Burman University* - http://www.burmanu.ca
Kettering College - http://kc.edu
Loma Linda University - http://home.llu.edu
Oakwood University - http://www.oakwood.edu
Pacific Union College - http://www.puc.edu
Southern Adventist University - www.southern.edu
Southwestern Adventist University - https://www.swau.edu
Union College - www.ucollege.edu
Walla Walla University - https://wallawalla.edu
Washington Adventist University - https://www.wau.edu
* international university

DAA has also had students who participate in the Adventist Colleges Abroad exchange program.  This program encourages students to experience other cultures, learn new languages, and expand their horizons through a semester or year abroad.

If you are struggling with picking a college, you can also use the free website, Niche, to explore colleges, their neighborhoods, and their reviews.